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Are you looking for more information about us? Then you are in the right place. Find out more about what we have to say and maybe a little bit about our visions.

This is still the beginning.

Founded in August 2020 by Nhat Minh Ly, our creative director, LNM Production is a young creative agency. Aiming to support brands and businesses of all scales with our expertise in the digital field, LNM Production focuses on producing, exploring, and employing unique interactive experiences to elevate our business partners' and clients' success.

Our Design Philosophy

With, Not For

We create experiences together with our clients, not for our clients. Only then could we truly create unique, tailored, and treasured experiences that could help elevate our clients' businesses.

Together, Not Alone

We create experiences together with everyone on the team, not following any single person's direction.

Unique, But Practical

No matter what experiences we create, they are all worthless if they cannot help our clients elevate their success.

Our Visions

Continuing Growth

As our clients' businesses continue to grow, so must we. Only with a dynamic and growing creative team could LNM Production continue to cope with our clients' continuously growing needs. For our agency, finding new talents remains our top-most priority.

Adaptive, Evolutive

The digital world is ever-evolving, with new technologies and techniques emerging every day. Be it AR/VR/XR or evolutional holographic displays, it's LNM Production's mission to stay adaptive to this dynamic, ever-evolving digital world. Only through evolving ourselves could LNM Production continue to assist our clients' and partners' success.

Our Achievements

The Spotlight Award

Our projects have many times received the Spotlight award from TheSpot and have been featured as the best work of the month.


Our projects have also received Best Shots of the Month from international communities and platforms such as DA.


Completed Projects


Number of Awards


Satisfaction Rate