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The Brief

In late 2020, the representatives at EF20 came to us with a task: to create an identity and a packaging system that could represent the young cosmetic brand from Switzerland as a friendly, dynamic, and supportive business.

The Challenge

Creating an unprecedented identity for a cosmetic brand without employing luxurious scripts or elegant elements which could create a premium image, defying the image the brand wanted to create.

The logo created for EF20 employs a simple outer frame representing balance, while the text inside was arranged in a symmetrical formation to further emphasize this idea. A sans-serif font was chosen as the base for the main logo to represent the brand's modernity and simplicity. Balance, supportive, modern, and simple. These four keywords are the core values that EF20 has been bringing to the market.

After discussions and researches, LNM Production further came up with an original graphic motif system that works as an extension to the identity we created. Similar to the logo, the motif system employed a simple rectangle frame on the outside to present balance while using simple geometrical shapes to represent different values and concepts. The motif system was designed to be flexible and modular so as to also accompany EF20's growing audience and product lines.

Furthermore, for EF20, a separate imagery system, which deconstructs complex designs into simple composition layers, was also designed to help EF20 apply the different developed systems into its promotional materials in addition to keeping the created identity system consistent through time.

Lastly, for EF20, LNM Production also designed a separate packaging system that applies all the design principles and systems we have developed. Instead of choosing fancy elements, LNM Production falls back to employing simple on-surface printing using two neutral colors: black and white, for all of the packages to emphasize the simplicity and reliability of the brand, all while keeping the aesthetic appealing to audiences.