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The Brief

In late 2020, LNM Production received an opportunity to work with Hakuhan, a fine cuisine restaurant based in Kyoto, Japan. Our agency was tasked with collaborating with another creative team to create a new identity for the business.

The Challenge

Creating an identity in addition to collateral designs that not only represent Hakuhan as a traditional restaurant from Japan but also the modern evolution which the restaurant has been in pursuit throughout the years.

For Hakuhan, creating a suitable logo was a challenging task. The new logo must represent the business as a traditional Japanese restaurant while bearing with it a selective, high-quality atmosphere. Understanding this need, LNM Production conducted extensive research focusing on culinary identities. Wrapping up the concept, we chose to combine the Monsho (Japanese emblems) with various design elements to create the final logo.

Following the new identity, LNM Production was tasked with designing new posters and promotional materials to be used on different social networks for Hakuhan.

After Hakuhan's new identity was established, LNM Production proceeded to create a new corporate website for the business. Using macro photos as the main focus, we combine simple element compositions with short and descriptive text to quickly and efficiently convey information to users.

For the last step, LNM Production collaborated with another agency to design and develop an independent EC website for Hakuhan's customers. Putting a priority on visual elements to lower the language barrier, we employed bright colors with macro photos focusing on the menu being served at the restaurant to ensure that the end-users have a pleasant experience choosing their meals.