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The Brief

In mid-2020, Moriuchi Interior, a furniture select shop based in Yokohama, Japan, paid LNM Production a visit. The business tasked our agency with the quest for a new identity and website that communicates not only the business's modernity but also its history.

The Challenge

Creating an identity and an interactive website experience that is not only modern but could also represent the business's 50 years of history in a modern, interesting way without forfeiting the brand's core values.

Creating an identity to suit Moriuchi Interior was the most vital phase of this project. To tackle this challenge, LNM Production employed a simple rectangle frame to represent the business's attention to balance and simplicity, while using a simple illustration in the middle to represent Moriuchi's core product material and its vision of preserving nature.

Following the identity, LNM Production also designed a unified stationery system for the business to maintain brand consistency, building the foundation for Moriuchi's future growth.

Creating Moriuchi Interior's corporate site was, perhaps, also one of the most interesting challenges in the project. This newly created website must not only convey all the needed information from Moriuchi Interior to investors and customers alike, but also maintain a consistent look with the brand's new identity and the historical experience yet to be designed. For this task, LNM Production employed simple underlay shapes to accent the primary products and information, while employing neo-Swiss design style to emphasize the website's aesthetic.

The last phase of this project is to create a historical experience that could be integrated into the established corporate website. For this task, instead of fancy effects, LNM Production falls back on employing simple photomasks, parallax movements, and entrance effects to create a timeline that could captivate users' attention without distracting them.