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The Brief

In early 2021, LNM Production received an opportunity to work with Shinendo Tableware, a fine tableware select shop based in Tokyo, Japan. The shop tasked our agency with renewing the brand's identity to prepare the business for its expansion to overseas markets.

The Challenge

Creating an identity that not only represents Shinendo Tableware as one of the most prestigious select shops chosen by the Japanese royal family but also represents traditional Japanese artistic values, which the brand has been treasuring throughout history.

Perhaps the most challenging part of this project is to create a logo capable of conveying the values Shinendo has been bringing to the market. To tackle this challenge, LNM Production did extensive research on different types of Hanko (or Japanese seals) and created a logo based on a similar scheme to recreate Shinendo's identity as a royal-house-selected business. Furthermore, LNM Production also employed a combination of Chinese and Japanese typography to create an original type mark for the new logo, which represents the business's aesthetic values and modernity.

For Shinendo, LNM Production also designed a label (product tag) system for the business's different products. The created system employs a simple logo placement in combination with a carefully selected pattern/motif scheme and color palette. The back of the designed tags contains product information which also include non-standardized information such as the name of the artisans and the production year.

LNM Production further created a packaging system which combines the designed logo with the selected motifs and color palettes. The packages' designed was developed in a similar manner to the developed tag system to create a consistent appearance for Shinendo moving forward.

To wrap up the project, LNM Production also conducted a simple photo shoot to create promotional materials for Shinendo in celebration of its launch overseas. The photography scheme employs cherry blossoms in the foreground with a spotlight and a dark background to emphasize the products and packages' design.