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The Brief

In late 2020, .travellista, a travel agency from the USA, approached our agency's creative director with one task: to create a new identity system for the brand and its three sub-brands. The created identity system must be unified but flexible enough to represent the sub-brands unique values.

The Challenge

Creating a unified identity system that not only presents .travellista as a whole but is also flexible enough to display each sub-brand's unique values. In addition to the identity systems, various collateral designs are also required for each sub-brand's expansion.

The first step to create a unified identity system for .travellista and its sub-brands is to analyze the business's target audience. Understanding that .travellista is targeting audiences aged 20 to early 30s, LNM Production chose to employ symbolistic icons such as suitcases and compasses and integrate these icons with simple typography to create the identity system. Furthermore, to emphasize .travellista's modernity, we also use sans-serif fonts for both the type marks and other displays.

In addition to the identity system we've designed, LNM Production was also tasked to collaborate with the apparel design team at .travellista to create sample apparels for FASHIION, .travellista's first sub-brand.

Perhaps creating a packaging system for BEVR, .travellista's second sub-brand, is the most exciting task for us in this project. Different from other energy drink brands, such as Red Bull or Monster, BEVR employs natural ingredients to create light and casual soft drinks. Understanding this difference, LNM Production employed combinations of simple geometries with eye-catching illustrations to create the package designs.

The last phase of this project is to design a website for DSCVR, .travellista's last sub-brand. Different from FASHIION and BEVR, DSCVR maintains its business as a travel agency, providing information and reservation services for users. Understanding this, LNM Production employs different assets from the identity system in combination with strong photography elements to create an attractive and unique website for the business.